Free distribution

Arrange and sell adventures with anyone, anywhere
Order instead of chaos
Distribution of multi-day tours is broken. Too many people using pen and paper, spreadsheets, and old software. Hand work predominates. A lot of unnecessary letters, calls and approvals.
A lot of time and money are thrown away.
One Collaborative Cloud
Atom-S totally changes the way of collaboration on arrangement and sale of multi-day tours. And offers new standard to share, communicate, and collaborate in real time.
Atom-S unites tour operators and agencies on the single cloud platform and empowers them with modern digital tools to help to sell more!
Less expenses and more sales
Management and control! Tours, hotels, rooms availability, transport schemes, prices in different currencies and adjusted to seasonality, extra services, tour schedules and so on. Atom-S allows tour operators to create any tours and manage all the key resources.
More sales!
  • 1. Automation of tours booking till complete self-service. Clients will buy tours by themselves.
  • 2. E-commerce automation for agencies and tour operators. Creation of own tour collection from different suppliers and getting of list of these tours in off-the-shelf module or through API.
  • 3. Web-site builder will help to create completely automatized online tour shop within 1 day!
From chaos to clarity
Arrange and sell adventures with anyone, anywhere
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